Monthly Archives: November 2011

Episode 003

In this episode of Chicago, A Drinking Town With A Sports Problem’s podcast, producer Raul Parra joins Moe Rubio and Andy Welebir in the asylum as they discuss the Jay Cutler injury, a special guest pipes in on Mike McQueary, the Bandwagon fan debate, we answer some fan questions, Justin Verlander as the MVP, some […]

Ndamukong Suh and the Built-In Excuse for Lions Fans

Ndamukong Suh was suspended by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell¬† for two games earlier today for a complete and utter lack of self control. Suh has long had the reputation of a player that borders on the dirty, he’s called a throw-back and has received either praise for it, or he has been labeled a dirty […]

Emergency Top 5

This is usually supposed to be a weekly column, and it’s Andy’s turn, but being the biggest buckethead on the show and considering that I’m not a “real” Blackhawks fan yet, and that the NBA lockout just ended, I had to throw this together. Moe’s Top 5 Basketball Related Youtube Videos 5. Stacey King Finds […]

Of Ex-Boxers, Crazy Dedicated Fans and Black Wednesdays.

The following story is mainly true, except for the parts that I made up/embellished. Only those who were actually there know the whole truth, and perhaps if you would like to find out, you should tag along next time. Unless you don’t, then you shouldn’t.¬† It always starts innocently enough, so I’ll spare you that […]

My Top 5

My top 5 is a weekly feature that takes a peek into the mind of Andrew Welebir and Mauricio Rubio. My top 5 favorite boxing rounds. I’m part of a dying breed, a real Boxing fan. Here are my favorite rounds of all time. 5. Barrera vs. Morales I, rd. 5, February 19, 2000. Coming […]

Lovie’s Chance

If I recall the coaching search that followed a listless Dick Jauron season correctly, the Bears were rumored to be going after two romantic names in the coaching bloodstream, Romeo Crennel and Lovie Smith. I remember having a small feeling of disappointment as I felt the Bill Belicheck coaching tree would produce some good talent. […]

An Issue of Self Awareness Compounded by A Spiritual Quarterback

I hate myself as a football fan. Absolutely loathe myself. I’m smarter than what I turn into on Sundays. I become a screaming idiot, hungry for the next concussion inducing car crash to occur on a frozen field in the snow. I root for kickers to have their comparatively smaller bodies crunched in between 600+ […]