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Smoked Meat Loaf

The Musings of a Smoker

By: Raul Parra Email: Twitter: ParraPalliative I’m sitting here waiting for the last hour to wind down on my smoked wings.  I can smell the sweet hickory in the air.  Like a sacrifice, it burns so it can feed the gods and in doing so it creates milky white apparitions in the sky.  I’m […]

Shits Real on Beale

By: Raul Parra Email: Twitter: ParraPalliative The Joints B.B. King’s Blues Club  –  This was the first place I stopped in on my little Southern Adventure.  When I first walked in, like many places on Beale Street, there was a band already in the throes of a Blues Orgasm.  A smile stretched across my […]

What’s this bullshit about the lottery?

In a dingy 7-Eleven in Schiller Park, a guy wearing a Harley-Davidson T-shirt was talking up late night customers who were still trying to buy a lottery ticket for the big draw in the evening on March 30. He didn’t look like the regular type of biker. He wasn’t dirty or had a beard or […]

Despite All This Cage… I’m Still Just a Drunk Douche

By: Raul Parra Email: Twitter: ParraPalliative Before you read a single word of this article you must watch the video first.  Absolutely no exceptions. Now that you have been injected with Mr. Cage’s madness let me explain to you what this is all about.  I hate drinking games.  I despise them in fact.  Just […]

Beer Me

By: Raul Parra Email: Twitter: ParraPalliative You stand up and head over to the dart board.  You see her.  Purple top, tight jeans and stupid Zooey Deschanel glasses.  Immediately you begin to ask your self why chicks think guys want to bang Rivers Coumo from Weezer? Back down to the jeans… you get over […]

Why We Love NBA Jam Part 1: A New Kind of Game

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about baseball games these last couple of months. It’s only natural. Baseball is my favorite sport after all. I don’t feel like I’m doing anyone a disservice by writing solely about baseball, but a little variety now and then can’t hurt. Basketball is not my game. I tried […]

The Home Bar Part Two: Tame the Beast!

By: Raul Parra Email: Twitter: ParraPalliative The Lifeblood You are it.  You are the thing that stands between a great night and a bad night.  You are the gatekeeper and in those bottles behind you are all the keys to all the kingdoms.  “How do you keep from being a shitty bartender?” you ask.  […]