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Baseball Etiquette with Shelley Holmgren

Ed. Note- Thanks to Shelley Holmgren for submitting this with the very apt headline, Shit Bitches Shouldn’t Wear At A Baseball Game. We at Cad T. Wasp notoriously hate pink jerseys (that aren’t for breast cancer awareness), but Shelley details proper female fan wear etiquette in more detail. by: Shelley Holmgren Baseball season is a sacred, holy time. I […]

Through Both Lenses: Cubs Notes And Why Samardzija Might Be Good

by: Mauricio Rubio Jr. email: twitter: @MRubio52 I love the very beginning of baseball season for a multitude of reasons. Small sample sizes make for fun numbers, like guys with OBP’s lower than their AVG’s, players with more home runs than entire teams, guys who haven’t walked or struck out all year, the dudes that are on […]

Through Both Lenses: #42, Minnie, and Afro Latinos in Baseball

“People see dark faces out there, and the perception is that they’re African American. They’re not us. They’re impostors” -Torii Hunter by: Mauricio Rubio Jr. email: twitter: @MRubio52  Note: This article is the start of something, the history of the Afro-Latino in baseball cannot be summed up in one blog post or even a […]

The SaniTERRYum X: A Farewell to Chicagoan Arms

The SaniTERRYum X: A Call to Chicagoan Arms Drinking Bell’s Oberon, munching on El Ranchero chips with salsa, and watching Kyle Korver and my Bulls outhustle and beat up on the annoying New York Knickerbockers, it’s difficult for me to be mad at much. But I’m mad at New York. I always have been. I’m […]

Through Both Lenses: Opening Day

by: Mauricio Rubio Jr. email: twitter: @MRubio52 For me, Opening Day is about two things, baseball and faith. Our most polarizing teams, the Cubs and Sox, will be going into a season of transition. Both teams are at the bottom in terms of expectations. Nobody can honestly believe that next year is this year, […]

Through Both Lenses: NL Centralized Questions

by: Mauricio Rubio Jr. email: twitter: MRubio52 Yesterday I took a look at the AL Central and gave a prediction of how I think the teams will finish the year. Today I’ll be looking at a historically weak division, the NL Central. The tempting thing about the NL Central is that it’s attainable. The Cubs are blessed […]

Through Both Lenses: Centralized Questions

“Isn’t it strange? The same people who laugh at gypsy fortune tellers take economists seriously.” I think it’s important for baseball fans on both sides of Chicago to understand that neither the Sox nor the Cubs will be seriously competing this year. The Sox have a better shot at catching lightning in a bottle this year if […]